cosmic yoga party!


Saturday, June 15 - 7-10 PM
Jivamukti Yoga School
841 Broadway / 12th St

$25 - $45

party your way to enlightenment! this is the wild yogi's night out you've been seeking… #yogisgonewild

Jivamukti Yoga, Jai Sugrim, and Jade Min Akasha










Celebrate the cosmic dance of life AND raise your vibration with movement, music, meditation, and good-hearted community. Sling back energizing cacao shots, detox with superfood juice, and get high at our aromatherapy and massage stations. You will end the night smiling hard and vibrating high, feeling powerfully connected to your body, and with a crew of some new best friends. Elevate your spirit, unleash your life force, and activate your FULL self-expression!


yoga warm up with master teacher - all-levels welcome
flowing into guided movement and fun icebreakers
♫ ascending to a high-energy dj ecstatic dance party!
complete the journey with a group meditation + soundbath
vegan treats + superfood elixirs
aromatherapy + massages




Jai Sugrim is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.). With 24 years of experience, he has developed an effective scientific approach for bringing the human body and mind into harmony. He is the creator and host of “Yoga Sutra Now” a 65 episode tv show which aired in 95 million American homes and 20 countries internationally. Jai has been featured on The Today Show, in The New York Times, and Psychology Today. As a spiritual guide and health educator, Jai enjoys sharing his healthy lifestyle and the enlightened teachings with students. He is grateful for the opportunity to teach practices that lead to self awareness.

Jade Min Akasha is a DJ, Jivamukti 300 hour certified yogi, energy healer, and curator of transformational experiences. She loves to create conscious parties where seekers can find both spiritual connection and a wild night out! Her love of yoga and nightlife converge in the enlightening and fascinating social experiences she produces, where she gathers like-hearted people together to raise their vibration and discover our highest selves. She practices a vegan (ahimsa) lifestyle and believes firmly in building sadhana and community into our lives, so that we can live our best life! Understanding that music can profoundly inspire love and raise our consciousness, she channels sounds that tap into primordial creation, shapeshifting our reality to the divine template. Crystalline harmonics, indigenous jungle textures, astral soundscapes, and booty-funking grooves are some of her vibrational medicines of choice.


7 - 8pm
Warm-up, align, and strengthen your body temple for primal movement. Vinyasa-inspired sequence by Jai Sugrim, all-levels and total newbies welcome! You will powerfully activate your Chakras and feel prana pulsing through your entire being as your heartbeat resonates deep into the earth!

8 - 9:30pm
Blast off to a joyful vibrational journey that connects you into the cosmos, the earth, the sky, and to your Higher Self! Shake off stuck energy that no longer serves you, get out of the head and fully into the bodymind! Raw drum beats, organic tribal rhythms, funky grooves, and ethereal sounds by Jade Min Akasha and collaborating musicians.

9:30 - 10pm
Raise your vibration and entrain your brainwaves to the Cosmos. Surrender yourself to the eternal light within, the pure bliss of being. Group will close the experience together in Yoga Nidra / guided meditation by Jai Sugrim, and celestial sound bath by Jade Min Akasha and friends.

✶ yoga mats provided, barefoot dancing
✶ comfy but COLORFUL yoga attire is encouraged!


Saturday, June 15 7-10 PM
Jivamukti Union Square
841 Broadway (& 12th St)

ticket price is all-inclusive
space is limited, we hope you can join us!
secure your spot now :)

join a good-hearted high-vibration community
gift yourself a vibrant Saturday night out
at a world-class yoga studio in downtown Manhattan!